Blue Water B​oat​ Sales

We need your boats! Ask about a reduced commission for Feb-April listings.



We can provide you with the ease of ownership:

1. Purchasing, let us make your life easy.

2. Selling, we will get you the most for your vessel.

3. Buyer's broker: We know how to get you a deal. Let us represent you on any vessel you find. We will make the call and get you the deal you want.

4. Survey? We work with over 30 in the local area

5. Financing: We work with many lenders

6. Hauling / Shipping: We know the best.

7., Slips: Great contacts and know where to place your lifestyle.

8. Lessons: Captains on staff or standing by

9. Winterization...  Where to go and how to do it.....

When it comes to the boating industry we have experienced it all and have all the right contacts. Let our 25+ years of experience work for you...

Other Services

Local Companies to help you get and stay on the water


Jim Hilton...401-864-7161

Andy Cook...401-829-2112

Adrian Johnson...806-235-2990

Barton Cerra...401-474-3880



1. Scott's Boat Service: 401-965-5025

2. Just Service: Richard Solgot 401-739-5852

     Mercury/Mercruiser warranty and repair

3. Paul Hallam: 401-578-8187 (Diesel, Gas, Transmission)

4. New England Inflatables

     Mark: 401-921-6554

5. Airconditioner repair and replacements

      Eagle Marine: Scott 401-269-1837

6. Canvas:  Mike Caito 401-785-1122  Caito's canvas

7. Gel Coat:  Jimmy Gelcoat 401-865-8246


Electronics and AV

Edgewood Outfitters Paul : 401-402-0063

Real Estate Services

1. RI Real Estate Services  : 401-585-4180   Shannon McCaffrey  [email protected]